Tuesday, August 26, 2008


After I wrestled my camera back from his possession (I needed to get some pictures that were not taken from 44 inches off the ground!) he managed to commandeer Alisa's camera for a while. Here is what my grandparent's anniversary party looked like through the eyes of their 5 year-old great-grandson. Later when we scrolled through his photos on the camera he would say, "Oh, that's a bad one!" or "Oh, that's a good one!" Note that none of these pictures have been touched up.

This is my grandfather or Papaw Elton as Jacob calls him (my dad is also Papaw).

I don't have any idea what he was thinking, but I love all the wheels!

Poor lady, she didn't even know what she was getting herself into when she walked by the cute redhead.

Michelle and me or Mom and Aunt Jane...honestly, it isn't a bad picture except for the weird lighting...oh and the fact he cut off my head!

Not bad at all.

He also got a "good" one of my mom (Gigi), but I decided I wouldn't post it just in case she decided to check my blog!

I'll post more pictures later...Blogger is about to drive me crazy tonight!!!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Wow, Jane! You look fantastic!!!! Jeff thinks so, too. I've been waiting for some pics, and so glad to see the new you.

mjm said...

Ahhh shucks...Thanks! It was fun to see everyone's reactions while I was visiting. My parent's didn't even recognize me from a distance...I had to wave at them!