Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where I will host a little walk down memory lane. It seems as if many people have quite the "love affair" with 80s music. Considering I was 10 in 1989, I had to receive parental permission before I could do just about anything, and that included what music I listened to. It was during this time that my grandparents bought my brothers and I are our very own Sony Walkmans (for the long car trips we kept taking) and our tape collecting began. I don't remember who bought it, but I found myself as the owner of my very first Christian tape...oh yeah, it was just me and Amy Grant singing in the back seat.

Here on Flashback Friday I will host a classic 80s video/song, but from the Christian genre. (Well, a lot of girls my age I did go through the NKOB and Tiffany stages...and don't forget I am a Texas girl so a little country music may sneak in from time to time.)

Before I post, what I consider one of the best 80s songs, let me state this disclaimer. This is not about theology or where an artist is all the years later. This is meant to be fun. To cause a little "ahhhh" or "what were they thinking wearing a sleeveless shirt and vest." Nothing more.

Without further ado...circa 1988...


Anonymous said...

You're talking about the best era of Christian songs now. I didn't realize they had videos of them back then. I like the individual artists, but there were some awesome groups in the 80's. How about Keith Green? The 2nd Chapter of Acts? Imperials? Petra? Russ Taft? And my all time favorite female vocalist Kathy Troccoli? and little known Jamie Owen Collins? Sandy Patti? Or Bryan Duncan who came out of Sweet Comfort Band? Joe English? Stryper? DeGarmo & Key? and the very best - Mylon LeFever & Broken Heart?

These are just a few that bring back real memories for me & my honey. Oh, and thanks for the Flashback Friday today. And what about that mullet?

Jane said...

dreamlady- Just wait...My goal is to make this a weekly tribute, so there will be plenty of time to highlight many of the artists that you named. I am hoping the Internet will cooperate and help me find some really good videos.

The mullet and the sleeveless shirt with vest are two of my favorite things about the video. Great memories!!!

michellem said...

OH, sooo good! That has and still is one of my favorites!!! Great choice!

Stuart wants to know where his Sony Walkman is. He said he never got one.

Jane said...

michelle- I thought of you when I decided to make this the first post. Just wait...I have some more up my sleeve, though I will admit, it has been a tad more challenging that I thought. I might have to hit the 90s eventually because there are some good ones from then too.

Tell Stuart to leave his own comment! ;) Okay, j/k. I am almost certain he had one. Roger did...I can still hear him singing "help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda!". Stuart may have been too busy reading or pulling his teeth for entertainment to remember his Walkman! :)

Meems said...

It was in the 80's that I started listening to Christian music and burned all my secular albums... :-)Well, I didn't burn them literally but I did break them and put them in the trash. I know I was a bit radical. Did I just say 'was'?

Never did get into Michael W. Smith for some reason so I don't remember this song. I think it wasn't until he did his worship CD's that I even bought one his CD's.

Jane said...

meems- I mainly listened to Michael W. Smith or "Smitty", Stephen Curtis Chapman, and Amy Grant in the beginning. I expanded my musical tastes as I got older, but I would have to say my taste is most eclectic right now.