Monday, August 25, 2008


What happens when you put a 5 year-old in front of a cake?

Stay tuned for "what happens when the same 5 year-old hijacks your camera"? (Okay, hijacked is a strong word...I willingly gave it to him, but I have some "great" pictures that show a 65th anniversary party through the eyes of a child!)

Oh, and yes I made it back safe and sound. I also made it through having to wear heals for 8 hours and sifting through the 200 emails I found in my inbox this morning. I am not unpacked, but I do have food in the fridge!


michellem said...

Hey, at least he finally limited it to already cut cake! Can't wait to see the pics! Stuart let him have the video camer after Madeline was born..very funny stuff!!

mjm said...

Michelle- Very true. He did stick to the icing that had been left behind. I'll admit it didn't help that he had a cheering section and a couple of people who offered him some pointers.