Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

It's late so I'll only post a few pictures from tonight's celebration. This was the family party and Saturday he is having a swimming party over at my parent's with a few friends.

Michelle always makes his cake...this year it was a train!

Mr. Potato Head dressed as an Astros baseball player

Aunt Alisa gives the birthday boy some instruction on how to do a back bend.

Gigi helps Jacob put his new baseball card collection in his album

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!


serious/silly/me said...

Oh my. Martha Stewart, move it! First, that train cake is amazing by ANY standard. But considering that Mommy just had a BABY, and is STILL making award-winning cakes...that is A-MAZE-ING! And it makes me wish it was my birthday and she was my mom! (No offense, Mom!) Aunt Jane, hope you're home safe and sound!

mjm said...

s/s/m- For his first birthday she made Big Bird...we have also have Blue from Blues Clues and Mickey Mouse. I am missing one, but I don't remember may have been a ball of some Anyway, he does have an amazing Mom...granted one that followed him around this morning documenting his first day of kindergarten, but amazing!!! He wanted to know was if she was going to stay all day too!