Saturday, August 30, 2008


1. Sleep late- check
2. Stay in bed even after wakening- check
3. Eat pancakes for breakfast- check
4. Enjoy leisure cup of coffee times 2- check
5. Unpack suitcase- check
6. Change sheets on bed- check
7. Wash sheets and towels- check
8. Wash other assorted laundry- check
9. Clean room- check
10. Go through mail- check
11. Clean bathroom- check
12. Fold laundry- check
13. Clean out refrigerator- check and gross
14. Organize pantry- check
15. Surf the Internet for possible houses to look at- check
16. Run in the rain- check
17. Shower because your soaked- check
18. Dinner- check
19. Finish novel- gotta keep reading check

Gotta love a Saturday!


david santos said...


Meems said...

Okay... I'll just ignore that one.
Hey, your day sounds much like mine only I couldn't check off as many things. For the first Saturday in forever I MADE myself stay out of the yard and in the house. Turns out it was a good thing I had spent all day Friday in the yard since it rained on Saturday. I curled up in bed in the afternoon and finally finished a novel I'd been working on for far too long.

You must have loved having a Saturday to yourself after your schedule lately...

mjm said...

meems- My sentiments exactly!

I did enjoy a nice quiet Saturday especially since my roommate had to work. I have also enjoyed a quiet Sunday and the same should happen tomorrow. Those corporate tax accountants are busy this time of year since their deadline to file is Sept. 15th.

I have done a lot of reading over the last two weeks having finished 3 different novels. I am about to begin another one...I took a whole 24 hours off between books.

Hope you enjoyed a good Saturday and I have a feeling you will be out in the yard tomorrow.