Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drama, Watermelon, and Rain

I think the rain has stopped, but I can still hear the thunder in the distance. It's rained a lot since I have arrived. Not yesterday, but on Monday, Tuesday, and today. I guess I shouldn't complain since this area hasn't see rain in months.

Drama, drama, drama. That characterizes yesterday for my family. The phone rang at about 7:20 yesterday morning. It was my grandmother and she wasn't able to wake my grandfather. A long story short, my parents headed to the ER while I headed to babysit Madeline while Michelle and Jacob went to a rehearsal. To make a long story short, the doctors could not find a thing wrong with him. However, after some talking, we (as in my parents and I) have decided he was dehydrated. He perked up after an IV at the hospital and again yesterday afternoon when I had him drink some Gatorade. He seems to be having a good day today. We are hoping that tomorrow is also a good day since it is their 65th wedding anniversary and we are having quite the party.

Earlier this afternoon Alisa (my other sister-in-law) and I carved the watermelon into a basket. We took some pictures so I will post them later.

Until later....

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