Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here is the second edition of Flashback Friday. If you missed my explanation of it last week, just click here to catch up.

This was one of my absolute favorite songs growing up. It was actually on the first tape that I ever owned, "The Collection." Remember, I said that this was my favorite song...key word is "was"...and the other thing to remember I was probably around 8 at the time.


Meems said...

Whew... that one takes me back to some 80's days. One has to wonder if Amy wishes she could go back to those tender days.

mjm said...

meems- One does wonder! Technically this song goes back to the late 70s, but it does bring back some memories.

dreamlady said...

Speaking of eyes - hers are beautiful! And that hair! Thick & gorgeous!

I never really was a big fan of Amy. I married a man in '81 who came out of the more rock n' roll music, so we listened to Christian groups mostly. I will say one thing for Amy though, she transitioned her Christian music into the secular audience, which not many Christian artists did back then.

I like the theme of this song too.

mjm said...

dreamlady- This goes back to when my parents still had a tight reign on what I listened to. Considering they were fans of people like Dino, the Gaithers, and other Gospel groups, Amy Grant was pretty radical. I still remember when I brought home my first DC Talk tape. My dad just shook his head and mumbled something about not understanding the words.