Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend Projects

With all my computer problems over the weekend, I never got to share the two projects that I tackled while my roommate was gone.

I have several antiques in my apartment. I laugh when people discuss buying furniture because my family has this very odd habit of switching furniture around. When I was in college, my brother and sister-in-law got my bedroom suite, I ended up inheriting my parents, and my parents got something that I think belonged to my great-grandparents that had been at my grandparents. We also joke about the fact that our family has enough furniture to completely set up an additional house.

I have inherited some really neat pieces. One of my favorites is a desk. I acquired when I started seminary. It was actually in the first house my grandparents bought after my grandfather returned from World War II. According to my grandparents they bought the house from some old couple. No one actually knows how old the desk is, but my grandparents have been married over 60 years.

When I acquired the desk it was painted green. I stripped and refinished it, but since it is so old the wood becomes very dry. This weekend I did a little maintenance. I was really pleased with the finished product.

For the last several months I have intended to hang a shelf over the entertainment center. It has been one of those project that I kept saying, "Well, when I get around to it..." This weekend I finally got around to it. I measured, remeasured, and finally began drilling. It always makes me nervous to drill holes. I rarely get things exactly level. Well, there is a first time for everything. See for yourselves.

I think the finished product looked awfully nice as well.

Needless to say, I didn't have a very exciting weekend. Since I am going to Universal tomorrow, this weekend could be a little more eventful. I mean, I am spending the day with a bunch of teenagers!


Meems said...

i love, love your desk.

have fun tomorrow with the crew- be sure to drink lots of water- it will be a scorcher.

your family furniture swapping & storage stories would make a great anne tyler novel.

Jane said...

Meems- Dumb question...Who is Anne Tyler? I have a feeling I am going to get in trouble with you and mlm! :( Thanks for the tip on the water! ;)

PrincessK said...

Love the desk! What amazing history is in that piece of furniture. You need to hold on to that. Great job of refinishing.

Have a great time tomorrow!!

Meems said...

not trouble... but she is one of my favorite (secular) authors. she's most famous for accidental tourist and breathing lessons... both were made into movies.

Jane said...

Meems- Sorry I have never heard of the books or movies. I live under a rock though! Breathing Lessons? Interesting much I could say, but it is too early.

Princessk- is one of favorite pieces. I am hoping I can hold on to it with all the furniture swapping that goes on. I would say that I am safe here in FL, but I know that isn't true!

Anonymous said...


You joked that we had enough furniture to furnish another house, but we actually have now! Most of what we live with is all of the extra furniture!

We won't take the desk in a swap. And maybe, just maybe, one of the days, we'll get new bedroom stuff and you can have yours back.


MLM said...

ooooooh, who is anne tyler????? we shall have to give you your very own reading list.

i wouldn't start with breathing lessons, though, it's more for old couples who've been married for 4 decades and have forgotten how to breathe. (i gave the movie to my parents for their wedding anniversary. haha!)

i'll look in my library and pick something out. any ideas, meems?

MLM said...

Oh boy. I think you added the Swindoll quote after I had publically raved about your quote section (a few posts back), thus I feel the need to clarify publically because I'm not really digging that one too much. Didn't want there to be any confusion regarding my enthusiastic endorsement. :o)

Abbey said...

hey! i recognize that entertainment center! Someone with great taste must have helped you pick it out!

Jane said...

WOW! There were a lot of readers and commenters yesterday while I was in Orlando!

Michelle- Thanks for commenting. I know, we are a strange family. Thanks for joining us in spite of this. Everyone of has something in our house that we inherited from someone else. Even look at Roger and Alisa...they have that honkin' bedroom furniture of Granny's. As far as the stuff that you have now...I know you are ready to "upgrade", but I don't need it back. I have become very happy with my newest acquisitions.

mlm- I love to read and am always looking for a new author. Any and all recommendations are welcome. Note taken about the Swindoll quote. May or may not stay. That is a section that is a work in progress. It will most likely be changed other words it will probably be gone by next week.

Abbey- Someone with great tast did help me pick out that entertainment center, but not only that. They also helped me put it together when it was the only piece of furniture in my apartment! They are great friends! Don't you miss those days. Hey, why didn't we hang out more when we only lived a mile from each other?

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Ummm ... I don't remember any one helping anyone put that entertainment center together!

Jane said...

Jeff- I am pretty certain I least a little. It was your wife who feel asleep! Anyway, it wouldn't have gotten done without you.