Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Fun!?!?!

My goal for today was to have a nice relaxing Saturday. When I got home from work last night my plan was to clean my room. However, that didn't happen. I did watch part of a movie...I feel asleep halfway through.

This morning I woke up after 9. I made breakfast and a pot of coffee. I turned the movie back on from last night and finished it. Then I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. That is when I noticed that the kitchen needed a little attention, so I began to clean it. Then I decided to vacuum. I ended the vacuuming in my room when I noticed that I really needed to clean my room. Of course after I cleaned my room I had to take care of the bathroom. Here are the fruits of my labor!

That when I saw it. Just to my right, the closet. Now I have always struggled keeping the closet neat. But since I was on a roll I decided to tackle it anyway!



It might not have been the most relaxing Saturday, but at least I have something to show for it. Now I can just enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening! YEAH!!!!


Meems said...

you are a whiz. you got loads done with time left over. it rained here almost all day off and on. i had family over and we swam, ate, and played board games all afternoon. so, i actually DID have a fun saturday. usually i am doing projects like you did today. i like 'fun' saturdays.

your closet looks great. i would never put a photo of mine anywhere to be scrutinized. it would be scary. you are a brave girl.

Jane said...

We had a really pretty day over here. Late this afternoon it sprinkled, but nothing major. I enjoy "fun" Saturdays too, but sometimes I have to have "project" Saturdays. Your Saturday sounds way more fun than mine...though last weekend I did all that kind of stuff!

Brave? I don't know if I would say that, maybe crazy. I also organized my dresser drawers and the linen closet. Notice that I didn't share any pictures of those projects. (I didn't take any either!) Some other day I will tackle the wardrobe.

Meems said...

i have some projects of that sort to tackle myself. i think i will be able to fit those in over the next few weeks if life goes as planned. :-)

Jane said...

Meems- I would hope so!

MLM said...

call me crazy, but i didn't notice any difference in your closet before and after photos. i think it looked great to begin with, but if you say it was messy, i'll take your word for it. i need to show you a picture of mine! speaking of pictures (and seeing how you love to take them), have you checked out my friend's SNAP IT blog?

Jane said...

mlmm- While the difference may not be noticeable to you, trust me it was bad. A lot of it was orgnization. Putting like things together.

I do like to take pictures, but I forget. I can't tell you how many important events have been missed because I didn't think to bring a camera. It is truly sad!

I have checked out Snap It's blog. I was very upset I missed last week's contest. I couldn't come up with any good street signs...I don't think I have lived in Tampa long enough.

Meems said...

be sure to check out snap it tomorrow so you can see how badly the creative juices flowed for us this week.

we want you with us next week... just do it!