Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adios Vundo Trojan Horse

It took the vast majority of the night. I have uninstalled programs, researched how to delete the files that were causing so many problems, installed other programs, and followed specific instructions from Microsoft. All of that does appear to have solved my problem. McAfee is NOT reporting that "Vundo" is still present this morning. I am able to get on the Internet and McAfee is running. It looks like my problems are solved. I have had a couple of pop-up ads though, and I will investigate this a little more. I am obviously on the right track and seem to be doing much better.


Meems said...
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Meems said...

that's an interesting way to spell Trojan!

good for you!i had a feeling you would conquer the evil thing plaguing your laptop. and you thought the 'm' key was a problem.

Jane said...

Ha ha ha! I will fix that and it just proves that you shouldn't blog at 6 am! I am beginning to find the "m" key endearing