Thursday, July 12, 2007

Excuse Me?

I have not found time to go to the grocery store since I have returned from Texas. Today, I had no other choice. I officially had run out of things to eat for breakfast and had no lunch to take to work. I don't like to go grocery shopping. It takes too much time and planning. However, when you have to, you have to. I decided to run into the Super Wal-Mart by work. I don't really like to go there, but I pass it on my way home. I grab everything I need and head to the check out. Amazed, I find a check out person with no line. Just to make sure my eyes are not decieving me I ask her if she is open. She responds, but I do not understand her. I think she may have answered me in Spanish, but that is besides the point. I eventually realize that she has just informed me that it is a 20 items of less line. I tell her that I think I have less than 20 items. That is when she tells me to count them. Stunned and not wanting to go to another line, I obey. I have 19 items. She rolls her eyes, but begins scanning.

Michelle sent me her pictures today. Here is my favorite!


Meems said...

glad to see you are both sufficiently decked out in your red, white and blue. jacob has a head start on us with his red hair.

i'm so glad for your sake you had less than 20 items whether you counted in spanish or english. now you get to eat breakfast tomorrow and this makes me happy. :-)

Jane said...

Meems- Do you know me at all? I counted in Chinese! I don't know what I would have done if I had more than 20 items in my cart. At least I didn't have to deal with that!

Wearing red, white, and blue is not an option in that town. I could have started a riot wearing any other color...well I guess I could have gotten away with camo. :) The sad thing was that Stuart, Michelle, and I all had on the same shirt but in different colors.