Monday, July 16, 2007


Late yesterday afternoon I decided to finally venture out of my apartment. I had a nice quiet Sunday afternoon up until that point. However, it looked like it had been a gorgeous day and I decided that I should enjoy a little sun and I wanted to watch the sunset. I grabbed a book and headed to my favorite little spot on the trail. While the trail is a mile long, sprinkled throughout are picnic tables, benches, chairs, gazebos, and swings. The trail is lined with all sorts of plants and flowers, none of which I know by name. However there is this little patch of bamboo that grows in one area. Nestled nearby is a swing that overlooks the water. It has become one of my favorite spots to read, pray, or simply think.

After some time reading I went down to the other end of the trail where I could watch the sunset. There are two adirondack chairs down there that give you a great view. In the six months I have lived here I have seen some incredible sunsets.

I sat and I watched. To be honest it was a little disappointing. Many times the sky is colored with the most breath taking colors of pinks, oranges, reds, and other colors that cannot even be described. At first the sun was so intense and bright that it was almost blinding. I decided to pick back up and read my book for awhile. However, there were these spots all over the page and my sunglasses did not even seem to be doing their job.

Don't misunderstand, it was pretty, but not what I was anticipating or expecting. But isn't that true in life. We have all these preconceived ideas about a particular experience. What it will be like, and what it will look like. If we aren't careful we completely miss out on a great opportunity because we are so preoccupied with our own expectations. We also may miss out on a some of God's precious blessings. If I have learned one thing in life is that my expectations cannot even compare to what God has in store!

I continued to watch the sun set. It was as if inch by inch the sun disappeared behind the clouds. It reminded me of that commercial several years back where a father and son where watching a sunset. The dad was commentating, "going, going, going, gone!" His son looked up and exclaimed, "Do it again!"

The sun eventually disappeared behind the clouds and that is when I saw it. The brilliant colors behind the clouds and above the trees. The pinks, oranges, and reds peeked out as if just to say say hi. From the angle that I had, a picture wasn't a possibility, but I wondered what people saw further down on the beach. What angle did they have? Were the clouds in their way? Or did that have an unobstructed view and able to take in the beauty of God's world?

I guess it all comes down to perspective.


Meems said...

glad you ventured outside late yesterday. it is so hot nowadays being outside has to be timed just right. sunshine & fresh air is good for the soul for sure.

sunsets. and sunrises. two of my favorite God creations. each one a wonder and glory and some more magnificent that others. thanks for the thoughts and the view. from your photos i would be in that spot as often as possible.

Jane said...

Tonight was good too, if only it hadn't been raining I would have seen more of it. I think surises and sunsets are something we often take for granted. When I take the time to enjoy them, wow! How can you keep from worshipping?