Saturday, July 21, 2007

Computer Problems

I have another post just about finished, but I decided to share my computer woes. If you saw my laptop you would could immediately see a couple of problems. You my think it would be the fact that I don't have an "m" key. Or the fact that it has a funky "f" and "r" key. However, those are not causing my woes this evening.

Since it is Saturday, I have been on the computer a good part of the day working on a couple of different things. During some part of my time on the Internet I have picked up some ad program. Basically all these advertisements keep popping up. I have also been working on a piece of furniture that needed a little TLC. Between cleaning and coats of tongue oil, I came back to my computer only to find over 20 different Internet Explorer windows that had opened. It is absolutely crazy.

My computer skills are probably better than average, so I have been trying to fix the problem(s) myself. I found two infected files that have been deleted. I have removed multiple programs that were downloaded today. I have run a virus scan twice, and deleted my cookies. The computer has been rebooted more times than I can count.

The problems are not completely gone, but they are better. I think one of the pop up advertisement files is still stowing away somewhere on my computer, but I will find it! If anyone has any ideas to what I have gotten myself into or how to fix it, I am all ears.

On a completely different note, does anyone have any feedback on my new layout?


Meems said...

i'm the wrong person to ask anything about computers... i just really get along well with them when they work.

that pesky 'm' have more patience than i do ... not sure i could manage with the finger to the metal.

feedback on the new layout: i thought at first i had mistakenly gone to your myspace page (even though i don't really know that address- but have seen it before).

very nicely done. i am so curious what template you used. :-)
so much easier on the eyes i think and very creative. it gets my vote!

MLM said...

I'm totally digging your banner header. HOW DID YOU DO THAT ON BLOGGER? I want to copy you! (They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

I'm not too sure about the blue background. I'm sort of a purist I guess and like the balck type on white pages best. But other than that, all's well by me! (As if you were waiting with bated breath for my opinion!)

As for the M that your favorite letter? I noticed you used it twice in your blog title...hmm...

As for computer help...when you're done over there, can you come help me? :o)

MLM said...

PS: I meant to tell you that I REALLY like the quotes you posted. The section title is cool too.

Jane said...

UPDATE: My computer is still "sick". I have made some headway, but it still has a group of files that McAfee is calling Trojan Horse files that I cannot seem to delete. I left it running a third time and hope that it is the charm. It may be a while before I can get back on the Internet.

Meems- You are correct in the fact that my MySpace and Blog now have a similar look. I created the striped background for MySpace. I have always liked it and thought I would try to use it here. I am not sure which template I used, I will have to check and get back to you. I think it was the same one I had, but blue.

mlm- If I didn't want your feedback, I wouldn't have asked. :) I will take your purist thought into consideration. As for the banner, if I shared my secrets, I would have to kill you! It actually is quite easy and I would be more than happy to share. If you would prefer I can create on for you. I really enjoy doing that kind of think. I could even make it black and white for you! That is my way of saying, copy away. As for the "m" key, I guess you could say it is one of my favorite. Like you, the letter "m" is two of my initials.

Michelle- Leave a comment some time. I know you are reading this...maybe you can convince Mom and Dad to check it out.