Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Computer Woes...Continued

You may have thought that since I was able to post that my computer had been miraculously healed. I wish it were true. I did figure out that my inability to get on the Internet was actually caused by the newest version of McAfee that I had downloaded in an attempt to fix my problem. I can tell you that it diagnosed the problem, but it has not fixed it. I do apparently have a Vundo Trojan Horse file. It is classified as spyware and is not a virus. That is good news for all the people that I e-mail. However, I cannot get rid of it. I do have a couple of other options to try and remove these nasty files, but needed to be able to get on the Internet to do so. I have deleted McAfee and will continue my quest. If I am unsuccessful tonight, I will call in the experts.


Meems said...

is this kind of like going to the hospital to get well and coming out with a staph infection? hope you find the trojan horse and slay it.

Jane said...

I am not sure that is a good analogy or not. However, it does appear that the trojan horse has been slayed this morning. But it still might be running a fever!