Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pampering the Pigs and the Pig Skin

Let me begin by saying that like most women I like to be pampered. As a single woman, it doesn't happen that often. Occassionally I will treat myself to something that can only be described as indulgent, but oh so good. When I went to get my hair cut on Thursday I noticed a sign that said that manicures and pedicures were half off. After spending all day at Universal yesterday, I decided that my feet deserved a little pampering so I called and booked an appointment.

Can I say "ahhhh..."? I could have spent all day there! (I did find it odd that she found a knot in my arch, but I think she just about got it out. Now, if I could only get the knot out of my shoulder.)

After the pampering, my roommate and I headed to our leasing office to sign a new lease. Overall it was an uneventful process, but the leasing agent shared a little "secret". Apparently our apartment use to be the model. He then shared that there is a large number of Bucs players who also live in our complex (we think a player was actually signing a lease in another office). A couple of years back (details were fuzzy on the time line) two of the Bucs coaches decided to live here. They really liked the layout of the model, but there were no units like that availble. No problem they said, they would just live in the model. All this to say, I live in Jethro Franklin's and Greg Burn's old apartment. Who knew?!?!


PrincessK said...

pedicures are one of my favorite things to do. Ahhhhh describes it perfectly!!!

MLM said...


Meems said...

pampering is a good thing. it's good to know your practical self indulges once in a while.

i should check out your resource - they probably have a fairly good rate.

i thought jethro franklin was a rock star and greg burns was an actor- who knew is right??? :-)

Jane said...

Meems- You better hurry...the sale ends on Tuesday as it is the promotion for July. I can give you the name of the girl who did mine, she was excellent!

mlm- To be perfectly honest, I don't know who they are either. Apparently they have moved on. One is in Houston now, and the other I have no idea. It is just kind of a fun to know that professional athletes use to live here. My brothers, specifically the younger, would be impressed.