Monday, October 20, 2008

Things I Thought I Would Never Say

  1. Is this shirt too low cut to wear to church? Okay so that wasn't the exact question, but you get the picture. AND I did grab a tank to put on underneath.
  2. How old should you be when you stop wearing shorts/pants with words written across the bottom?
  3. I'm really struggling to get into Dancing with the Stars this season.
  4. This tangerine Diet Rite is actually pretty good.
  5. The Bucs and the Rays both won yesterday!
  6. No, I will not got to Dick's Sporting Goods at 6 am when they open to get a Rays shirt!
  7. Stumpy is dead. (Sigh.)
  8. I taught my brother to shave his legs. (For the record it was Roger and he had an ankle injury that required taping.)
  9. No, Abbey, I do not want any funnel cake.
  10. Who's that knocking on my door at 9:39 pm?..."Mr. Pizza Delivery Man, I'm sorry you have the wrong apartment."


Anonymous said...

I love Tangarine Diet Rite... That and CHEETOS can make a boy smile! :-)

Uncle Bill

mjm said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Bill...Oh the simple things in life. I can remember in elementary school when hamburger Friday in the cafeteria made my day! I wonder how Cheetooo Boy is doing this week?

Claire said...

TaNgerine diet rite IS good!