Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Loving the Weather

Fall is paying us a little visit this week here in Florida. Tonight is going to get into the 40s. I love this weather!!!

As you can see, it's an exciting week for me since I am blogging about the weather. :) I guess I could tell you that Jacob is dressing up as a fireman for the Fall Festival on Friday. Or perhaps you want to know that I bought 100 pairs of scissors today for my boss to use at one of her upcoming speaking engagements. Maybe you would find it interesting that our early voting hours have been changed from 10 am to 6 pm to 7 am to 7 pm. Or then there is this little tid bit of information...if Cloris Leachman is not voted off of DWTS, then I am going to boycott the show until she is gone! :)


michellem said...

Whew! You don't have to boycott since she was just voted off. Yes, we are actually watching this season.

We too are enjoying our beautiful weather!

dreamlady said...

i suppose DWTS is spelled "relief" from the election yak! anything to get away from the current political scene! when this is all over, it may feel like some huge vacuum sucking the air out of us, as we try to get our heads cleared up and back to day to day business. thank goodness for the change of weather to talk about, or nephew's costume, or your boss' scissors! anything at all - just don't talk more politics, thank you!

mjm said...

Michellem- Had I known that is what it was going to take I would have said it weeks ago. Glad to know that my fam is learning to appreciate such fine things as ballroom dancing! Maybe we can get Jacob on there in a couple of years as one of the competing kids couples. Who am I kidding, that'll never happen...Uncle Roger would have a fit! :)

Dreamlady- I haven't posted anything on politics this whole time (at least not that I can remember right now). I have enjoyed reading other people's takes on it all, but I am so ready for it all to be over. At least after this morning (I'm headed in to vote) I can at least tune it out...well minus the praying!

dreamlady said...

just a p.s - didn't mean to imply you were guilty of talking politics! just alluding to the fact that it is going on everywhere else, even other blogs, and that it is good to visit you with no political spin at all going on.

glad you voted early - i mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday. oops, there i go - talking politics again. never mind!

mjm said...

dreamlady- One must wonder what all these people are going to talk about after next Tuesday. Okay...I'll give them a week to discuss the outcome. :)