Thursday, October 23, 2008


Four weeks from tonight is the annual gala for my work. Here's the deal...I have nothing to wear. I honestly haven't even begun looking so I have no idea what I'll find. Even worse, I have no idea what I want to wear. Last year I looked for a black dress because I hear every woman should have one. I ended up with this:

And while I think this is my all time favorite dress I've ever owned, I can't wear it again. Besides the fact that I wore it last year, it is too big. (In case you can't tell it is a sapphire blue with a black overlay, but not solid black. Sigh...maybe next year I'll have it altered and wear it again.)

So, I am coming to you, my blog readers, and giving you an opportunity to weigh in.

Should I go with something classic? Black?
Maybe bold and red?
Any suggestions on where to shop?

I'm going to sit here on the couch and watch the World Series and do a little looking online. If I find anything that I like I'll get back on and post some pictures. Until then, let me know what you think.


dreamlady said...

just a couple of suggestions since I am no longer a shopper!

there are some good consignment shops in the Tampa area, many of which carry clothes that have only been worn once - especially evening wear, which society gals can only be seen in once! no one will be any wiser and you will save a ton of $$.

there was an ad in today's Tribune that the University Mall Dillard's is having an inventory clearance sale of 75% off practically everything. it sounds like they may be pulling out of the mall, but they always carried good evening wear and i have found things there many times in a pinch.

then there is always the internet! online shopping can be easy on the pocketbook, considering you don't have to drive all over the place and go through the hassle of the crowds, parking, time constraints, etc. you've given yourself plenty of time, so go for it & let us know the results!

P.S. the color for this fall/winter is purple! and i think you would look fantastic in it!

mjm said...

Dreamlady- Thanks for the heads up about the sale at Dillard's. I am going to head over there after work and check it out. I've also shared this little tid bit of info with the rest of the staff!

I'll think about the purple, but I make no promises.

Snow said...

I think burgundy/maroon would be a good color for you. :) I hope you'll find a dress you like soon!