Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perhaps...This is It?!?!

Thanks to everyone who gave me their advice on my dress dilemma. I appreciated the comments and the phone calls. I would like you all to know that I took your advice. Dreamlady, I tried on a purple wasn't me! :) Stuart and Michelle, I went to Nordstrom's. I tried on 7 different dresses I tried on twice. I have tried on red dresses, blue dresses, lots of black dresses, and even a pink dress. Snow, I looked for a burgundy dress, but I haven't seen lots in that hue. :)

I can tell you that the style right now is short and low cut, but in spite of that, this is what I found today.

Looks like a very basic black dress.

Removing the jacket reveals the detail.

And a close up.

I think this is it. Any thoughts?


dreamlady said...

I like it but do you? that is the ?? you are the one to be pleased, so go with what you really want. it this is it, fine. if not keep looking. but this looks like a very versatile dress, with the jacket or without, it seems suitable to keep on hand anyway. hope your dilemma is over soon though!

mjm said...

Yes I do like it. I still need to try it on with all the other shoes! It is versatile and I like that. :)

Snow said...

I was wondering about the shoes too! Post a picture. :)

I think it is a very cute dress which is great to have, especially since you have the option of wearing or not wearing the jacket. But from the pictures, the dress seems a bit casual for the occasion - perhaps because of the length of the dress, but I am not sure. I agree with dreamlady - if you like it, go for it!