Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today's Questions

  1. How did I manage to forget to call Roger and Alisa and wish them a happy anniversary yesterday...even after commenting to Michelle on the phone that we both needed to call them?
  2. How did I manage to pack my gym bag with an array of things, several multiple items, and still some how forget socks?
  3. Why does the cashier at Publix always insist on rolling my apples down to the "bagger"? Does she not know the care that goes into picking those out?
  4. Why am I so tired at 9:30?
  5. How did I manage to burn my hand when cooking dinner?
  6. Will I actually get up tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off at 4:45 to jog?


Anonymous said...

you have brought up some ?'s that challenge an answer. not that i can say with any expertise, but since they are common to every other person, some of my insight:
1. forgetfulness happens to everyone - move on
2. repeat of 1
3. oh, this is a pet peeve, along with packing my tomatoes on the bottom of a bag, putting all my cans in one bag, etc, etc...we should form a Voice of the Publix coalition revolt
4. is that am or pm? if am, lack of rest - if pm, go to bed early for some extra z's (which will relieve #1 & 2 also)
5. refer to #4
6. again, refer to #4 - sometimes rest is the most important thing for body, mind and soul - you are not a machine!

Jane said...

Dreamlady- Yes, I think many of my questions can go back to lack of sleep. I manage to catch up only to find myself in the whole shortly there after.

I did manage to forget some of my other questions that I meant to include...One was, why can't I find the color of lip gloss that I have been wearing for the last 4 years? Please tell me Cover Girl didn't stop making it.

Alas, I am headed to bed.

Oh and that was 9:30 pm. I am working at getting back on my routine which is bed by 10:00 pm so I can run at 4:45 am. :)