Monday, September 8, 2008

Taylor the Latte Boy

I know...another video. You might think it is due to lack of inspiration, but oh no. This post is full of inspiration. This song is almost autobiographical, but I don't always get free coffee...sometimes its a brownie or a cookie or an 8 oz bag of their new special blend coffee.

All I am saying is that while his name isn't Taylor, there is this guy at Starbucks and might, kinda, sorta, definitely, maybe, possibly love him I mean have a harmless crush on him. And I don't even care that my coffee wasn't decaf last night...besides he didn't make it anyway! Sigh. :)


the peterson family said...

Hey! Do you mind if I put your blog link on our blog. I guess I didn't realize you had a blog, too. Love that I can keep in touch this way!! Miss you!

dreamlady said...

so love has struck in the Starbucks store! i always knew there must be something extra special in their cups, the way some people are addicted to it! the video is adorable, and so romantic too! a truly inspirational post, full of passion, discovery, mystique, and your own confession of love at the latte machine! can't wait for the latest update!

mjm said...

H- Of course you can add a link on your blog. I need to do the same for you. I might be ready for a little makeover on this thing anyway.

dreamlady- I must confess that this is not new nor will there probably ever be an update. I go, I drink coffee, we exchange pleasantries, I come home with stories. It's my kind of relationship. ;)