Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Hold a Baby

First of all, I survived the open house at work. It was hot, but other than that a wonderful event. I am even all ready for tomorrow's training. I did most of my setting up after the open house. I even ran to the store on my way home and all I have to do tomorrow is pick up ice on the way to the office. (I don't have the freezer space at my apartment.) I mean, I have even ironed my clothes for the entire week. I did that last night. I am not sure what has come over me, but it is making things much smoother.

Now, to the point of the post.

Back several weeks ago when I was in Texas with the "fam", I found at the my younger brother, Uncle Roger, had yet to hold Miss Madeline. The night before I left Aunt Alisa, his wife, decided that it was time that he hold her. He protested, "I've never held a baby that small." Okay, I see his point. I remember my rotation through the NICU in nursing school. Those babies were so small. It can be intimidating, but she was a month old at this point. Alisa decided that was no excuse. I think her exact statement was something to the effect, "Well don't think I am going to hold our babies until they get big enough for you to hold." Before he knew what had hit him, Madeline was thrust into his arms. "How do I hold her?" My mom, Alisa, and I replied in unison, "Like a football!" As a football coach we thought this might help. Of course leave it to me to add, "But don't spike her!"

He thinks, "Like a football, like a football...I can do that."

Roger's face in this picture is priceless.

Relax, Brother...that's better.

"Maybe this isn't so bad after all."

"What is she doing?" Babies move, Roger. :)

Rog, watch Stuart. See. He is even man enough to sport the pink burp cloth. :)


Arissa Mae said...

Great post. I like the running narrative captions on the photos. I came over to see how you are...missed seeing you today. Glad to hear the open house went well. I was wondering. You are definitely Ms. Martha (Stewart) with all that ironing ahead of time. Such planning! See you soon!

mjm said...

arissa mae- You have to understand that my two brothers make me laugh more than just about anyone else in the whole world. They are so...well, opposite from each other.

My planing seemed a little like over kill during the weekend, but made yesterday a piece of as well. No last minute planning or snap decisions. I even remember that Sonic sells their crushed ice. There is a 24 hour Sonic just minutes from the office, so when I drive past I can go through the drive through and pick it up...even though it will be about 7:15. Which means, I gotta keep moving this morning.

michellem said...

I want those pics!! We have similar ones of him with Jacob. Since you have so many to send, feel free to send me all of them on a CD. (hint, hint)

mjm said...

M- Got the hint. I actually have every intention to do just that. I have a big box of books to send to Mom and I will throw in two CDs with all the pictures on both of them. That way you don't even have to share.