Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Week

I realize I haven't been very good at blogging this week. Unless you wanted to know that I broke down a gazillion boxes, made almost as many trips to the dumpster, and have been trying hard to get everything organized...that pretty much describes each day.

I have done some exploring of Springfield and the surrounding areas. I must admit most of the exploring was need driven. For example, my apartment does not have a pantry. I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of kitchen "stuff", so I needed to find something that would could be used as a pantry. I have been in every "hole in the wall" place in Springfield in an attempt to find something within my budget. (For those of you who can hardly contain your excitement, yes, I have found something. No, you can't see it. It is in need of some major work or TLC as I like to call it. Don't worry I have taken some before pictures and will post those and after pictures once the renovation is complete!) I also needed a Target and Dick's Sporting Goods fix, so I found both of those stores in the next town.

To close this exhilarating post, I will give you some fun facts on Springfield:
Population: between 16,000 and 20,000
Established: 1798
Location: app. 30 miles north of downtown Nashville
Major crop: dark-fired tobacco
Other crops grown: hay, corn, and wheat
Home to: NorthCrest Medical Center, Electrolux Home Products
High School Mascot: yellow jackets


gigi said...

it sounds like you are employed by one of the major services in Springfield. pretty classy! and the other employer is the manufacturer of those ultra-deluxe vacuums that every homemaker wants. they also produce those fancy home appliances that Kelly Ripa endorses. not bad for a town of only 16 - 20,000! i'm guessing everyone else is a farmer or tobacco grower!
My ? is this - what in the world are you going to do for fun once you finishing unpacking??

mjm said...

Gigi- What is this fun that you speak of? I am not familiar with that word. Tonight I went to my friend's house after work. Abbey and I worked out, I joined them for dinner, and then hung out until it was time for me to come home and go to bed.