Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Rest

Sorry for the delay. I spent my birthday weekend at Disney World and got back earlier this evening. I'll post some pics later, but here is the rest of my list:

  1. Training and completing a half marathon with a good friend three years ago.
  2. Going to a water park in Taiwan...oh the stories I could tell! (With the same friend from above)
  3. Having the coach for Baylor show up at a high school basketball game.
  4. Watching my parents drive off and leave me in Mississippi at college. I wasn't sure whether I was scared or excited.
  5. Attending Centrifuge after my high school was a week that stands out in my Christian walk.
  6. Getting cowboy boots for my 13th birthday.
  7. Praying to receive Christ.
  8. Going to the Olympics in Atlanta...oh the disaster that trip turned out to be!
  9. Seeing a two friends in China come to Christ as my friends and I used a nativity scene to share the Christmas Story.
  10. Seeing my niece's 4-D ultrasound.
  11. Snorkeling with the sharks in Thailand.
  12. Christmas 1996- Received a gold wrapped package with a green bow...inside was a scholarship offer to Mississippi College.
  13. Spending 5 weeks at training for the IMB in many memories and so many friends made during that time.
  14. Para sailing in Thailand.
  15. Finding out that I passed my RN license exam.
  16. Receiving the phone call that I was going to be a BSU summer missionary to Australia.
  17. Realizing that God had much bigger things in store for me than playing basketball...I was in my first semester at MC and was planning on walking on the team there.
  18. Watching God open the many doors that He has in the past several weeks!
  19. Spending my 30th birthday at Disney.
  20. This past year...I've learned so much that I am not even sure I could begin to put it in words!!!
Well that is it...30 memories from these 30 years!


Kayce said...

#8 Was a little crazy but oh so much fun!!! I still pull out the pictures from that trip and look at them!!

And what a great idea...30 memories for 30 years...I might have to remember that in a few months!

mjm said...

Kayce- I forgot you were on that little trip! Glad you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.