Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You be the judge?

Most nights you can find sitting right here on the floor.

Where do you put all the boxes once they are packed?


gigi said...

packing, moving, ughh! it's one of the worst of have to do's on anybody's list! that is when you realize that life is made up of so much stuff!! and deciding what stuff you really need and what stuff you could do without - a nightmare!! and all the while working at your job all day! i don't envy you about now, but then just think ahead - like when you get to wonder what box that 'necessity must have right now' is packed in! ah, moving! ughh!

michellem said...

We just always stayed in a hotel! Thanks McLane! :)

mjm said...

Gigi- It's been a tad overwhelming. I have made numerous trips to the hospice store and to the dumpster.

michelle- Thanks for rubbing it in!