Sunday, January 4, 2009


The ornaments are all individually wrapped and put in the ornament boxes. I have wrestled the tree back into its box. The nativity scene is back in all its boxes. I will admit that I had a little trouble getting all the animal back in their right spots, but the Internet helped me out. For some reason I always want to the camel with the wise men, but he goes with stable animals.

The apartment looks different...I love Christmas, but I guess I'll have to wait another 11 months to drag all that stuff back out. I know some people have very strong feelings about Christmas decorations out in January.

Tomorrow brings the alarm going off way too early, a jog, and then back to work. It was all fun while it lasted.


dreamlady said...

the new look is very nice! and you've already cleaned up your decorations? you are really organized! i had out of town company on saturday, and a mini-party with some of the family here, so my decor is still out! i love my tree so much every year, that i usually leave it up at least two weeks into january. the outside lights, and nativity scene are put away (only because my hubby took care to do that). he returns to work tomorrow too, so life will slowly get back to routine. boring!! why can't we work two days and be off five? still with the same salary, benefits, and insurance of course ;-)

Meems said...

Glad you're back safe and sound... and there you are being all efficient getting your decorations put away. I put up so few this year that I'm not going to stress about getting them put away. I'm slowly working on it this week.

Great for you -you had such fun on vacation. Sorry the real world awaits... it always does.

Rissalee said...

LOVE the new digs!!! And the tagline. Cool stuff!!

mjm said...

dreamlady- Right now I don't have another option but to be organized. So much to do in such a little time.

On another note, I think I have figured out how to work less and play more. At my new job I'll be working three days and then off four. :)

Meems- Thanks. I still need to take the tree to Goodwill/Hospice. I have a couple of other things to take with it so maybe in the next day or so I'll get it all there.

Rissa- Thanks for the compliment. I normally do something a little "fancy" for a border, but decided to least for now.