Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday morning my friend, Blair, picked me up and had Dunkin Donuts coffee and breakfast in the car. From there we headed to Orlando and spent the whole day at Epcot.

It was a gorgeous day. I also highly recommend taking up Disney on their offer to let you in free for your birthday. I actually had a ticket that I needed to use before I moved, so I received a birthday gift card (valued at the price of an adult admission).

This Saab convertible was outside one of the rides...I told Blair she shouldn't have...she just laughed!

We spent the night right outside of Downtown Disney and then headed back to the parks on Saturday. Our goal was to hit the other three parks, but we did not quite achieve our goal. We started at Hollywood Studios were we hit the three main attractions: Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller Coaster, and the new Toy Story ride.

That would be runners in the Disney marathon behind me.

Then we headed to Magic Kingdom and stayed for the 3:00 parade.

Jeff, this picture is just for was taken January 11th.

We tried to go to the Hall of Presidents before "change" occurred...we were too late!

Then we boarded the bus to head to Animal Kingdom only to be informed that it was closing in a little over an hour...we ended up coming home. Of course that gave me time to get a few boxes packed.


Rissalee said...

Your pic in front of the hall of presidents is priceless!!

mjm said...

Rissa- Glad you like it! I thought of you when we taking it...there were several people that I thought of you, but you were one!

gigi said...

you know, you will only turn 30 once - and i think you made the best of the day! i remember crying a lot on that life-changing day. i was already a mother of four, and life seemed to be set in stone for me. no more adventures to come! little did i know that life goes on after 30! and you can still have fun, even in your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. decade. i love disney world, parades, fireworks - so your pics are great reminders of a magical kingdom where everybody gets to celebrate the kid in them, even after 30!

mjm said...

gigi- Yes, I think I did a pretty good job of celebrating. It's good to have friends that you can be with and just concentrate on having some fun...not matter how old you are!!!