Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Deals

Deal #1- Why You Should Purchase the Warranty

On Wednesday I noticed that my lap top had a crack in the plastic cover. At first I was distraught at my find since my computer is less than a year old. Then it hit me, it's less than a year old so it should be still covered by a warranty. After this nice realization, I also remembered purchasing the extended warranty.

It's been a busy week (Wednesday was church, Thursday I saw 6 more houses, and Friday was Bible Study) so today was the first chance I had to head to the mall and the Apple store. I also happened to be meeting a friend for lunch so I was able to save on a little gas.

I entered the Apple store and as always was greeted by some very nice people. I explained that I had a problem with my Mac to which they asked if I had an appointment. An appointment...hmmmmm...hadn't really factored that in so I acted all cool and like I knew I needed one and said no. I was very happy to find out that they had one at 5:00.

I met my friend and enjoyed a great lunch at Too Jay's followed by coffee at Starbucks. My friend gave me a tip on a new drink that I can enjoy without a side of guilt. Several months ago, when I kicked off my new healthy life style, I gave up my mochas and switched to the Americano. She introduced me to the nonfat latte...with a packet of Splenda and dash of cinnamon, it was almost as good as a Cinnamon Dulce Latte...but this not the point. We did a little shopping together and then split up. By the time I had made my purchases it was time for my appointment.

I found out that it was going to be no problem to fix and I would just need to return in a couple of hours to pick it up.

Now, I know you can't see the numbers in the picture below, but the receipt says the repairs coast $363.12 while the paper behind says that because of the warranty I owe $0.00. Sweet!

Deal #2- On Sale and They Have My Size

While waiting for my appointment I did a little shopping. When Stuart and Michelle were here a couple of weeks ago, I bought a couple of new skirts. One happened to be navy blue so I have been on a quest for navy blue dress shoes. I enjoy shopping, but I abhor shopping for dress shoes. Mainly because I wear a 10 narrow. Actually it's about a 10 1/2, but they don't make those, so I have to either buy a 10 or an 11.

Dillard's was having a shoe sale so I began the quest. I eventually found a pair that was okay. I asked the nice salesman if he had the shoe in a 10. He headed off. (Since I wear a 10, I know this can take some time. I have had several salespeople that seem to get lost at this point. Either shoe companies do not make a lot of 10s and 11s or stores do not stock very many.) Eventually he returns with 2 boxes. He explains that he as a 9 1/2 that just might work...I want to roll my eyes and wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard this. I humor him and try it on, and of course my heel is hanging off the back. He does hand me the second box which is a 10, but a little different. He ends up bringing out everything that he has in a navy blue 10 (only about 5 pairs) and I narrow it down to two. Both were nice, but one was one sale so I choose that one. What do you think about my choice?

I then went back to another store and purchased a navy and white skirt that I have been admiring for weeks since I finally have the right shoe to go with it. (Sorry, no pictures of the cute skirt and the blue top.)

Deal #3- And a Gift Card Too!

While killing the two hours before I could pick up my computer I headed to Target to do my weekly grocery shopping. One of the things on my list was razor cartridges. Earlier in the week I needed some and ran to CVS on my lunch break. I planned to grab a pack of refills for my Schick Quatro, when I saw the Venus Embrace which boasted of five blades. My head began to swirl...what could be better than four blades? Well, five of course! I picked up and have fallen in much love as you can with a razor.

However, my new purchase left me with only one refill and as a compulsive shaver, it just would not suffice. Imagine my surprise and delight to find the refills on sale, and to make the day complete, when you bought two packages you received a $10 Target gift card. So, now I have 8 refills and $10!

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