Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Gift for Madeline

It is finished...No, not a grand theological statement in this instance, however; my gift for Madeline is finally complete. I just put the finishing touches on it and thought I would share.

Over the last several weeks I have painted 8 canvases for her nursery!

Her bedding is white with green, orange, blue, and two shades of pink polka dots. I originally came up with this idea many months ago. At the time Stuart and Michelle had not picked out a name. I also wanted to surprise them, but decided I would at least check with Stuart. He thought it was a great idea, but asked what would I do if her name was long. I should have known they were thinking of some nice long names!

I decided the best way to "finish" the edges of the canvas was with ribbon. I bought the blue and green ribbon when I first began gathering my supplies. I was actually thinking of using several different types of ribbon. My goal was to find some pink and orange ribbon as well. However, the more I thought about it, I decided Michelle should have some say in the project. When they came to Tampa several weeks I ago I had the canvases pretty much ready, and let her choose the ribbon color.

She picked blue. We also decided that I would allow them to attach the loops for hanging so they could have them the exact length they wanted. I was very worried about having enough ribbon so I bought every roll that Michael's had. After I cut the eight strips to finish the edges, I still had a little left on the first roll...I think she'll have plenty and can mess up a couple of times or tie bows...maybe both!

All I did to finish the canvases was hot glue the ribbon around the edge.

There they all are! I must confess, I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.
It's also been fun to rearrange all the letters and see what other words that can be made out of her name.


Anonymous said...

They look awesome, Jane!!! We can't wait to get them in her room!


Paige said...

wow you are so multi-talented...what a great gift idea. Great post on Panty lines.
See you soon,

Pat said...

These are just a cute as I imagined from your description. Great Job!! I am not surprised.

Jane said...

Michelle- I am going to get them boxed up over the weekend and sent your direction. I sure hope you don't change her name now! :)

Paige- Thanks and thanks. Looks like I'll see you on Tuesday.

Pat- Thanks...it was really fun. I forget how much I enjoy painting. I might have to invest in a little bit more of a set up than just camping out at the kitchen table.

Anonymous said...

This is Mom, and I'm certainly not anonymous. I finally remembered to log on to look at the Madeline Project" - very cute! I especially enjoyed your posting about looking at houses. You are almost as funny as Mrs. Doke. She would be proud!

P.S. Do you have my Wok? I thought it was down under the cabinet.

Jane said...

And how do I know this is really Mom?

I must confess I am impressed and honored with your very first comment. I will also gladly except your comment about almost being as funny as Mrs. Doke. However, I don't think I will ever be able to stand on my head on my desk while doing the bicycle. She is just one talented woman!

I thought I had Mamaw's wok. Check your cabinet...I think you will find yours there.