Sunday, June 15, 2008


Three little letters, yet so much meaning. What can you really say about the man who has always been there for me and my brothers? This is the man who threw a paper route before heading off each day as a high school principal. He also refereed basketball in the evenings to help provide for his family. I am told that even in those years that I have no memory of, he made sure that he spent time with each of us by in charge of bath time each evening. Then there were the countless number of soccer, volleyball, softball, and basketball games...the piano recitals, band concerts, choir musicals, school name it he was there. I honestly can't remember one thing that he ever missed. This is the man who came to my volleyball game and then drove like a mad man to the football game so that I could march with the band when I was in high school.

Thanks, Dad! You have always been there, always encouraged me, and always loved me. I love you!


Anonymous said...

I love you!


Jane said...

Thanks Dad! Will get you and Mom set up with an account so y'all don't have to be anonymous! :)