Friday, June 27, 2008

House Hunt Halt

It has become an all-consuming task. The laundry is piled high. My room needs some serious attention. And I need to find the life that I have lost under the MLS listings and meetings with the realtor. I also need clarity. I've seen more houses that I can begin to count...some nice, some okay, some...well, there are no words. Houses without appliances, houses without floors, houses without air conditioners, houses that had been trashed, houses with the owners in the them, houses abandoned and full of junk. A couple that had actually been "staged".

What started out as something fun has become exhausting. Last night after looking at 5 homes, I almost felt physically sick.

I need time to clear my head, to regain some insight.

With all that said, I am taking some time off from the "hunt". A sabbatical, so to speak. This "hunter" is tired and a wee bit frustrated. I think a week or so should do it. I will tentatively resume my search on July 7th.

Until then, maybe there will be more compelling content on my blog...wait, who am I content is always thought-provoking and compelling! :)

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