Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maybe I Should Become a Pirate

All I am missing is the peg leg, the eye patch, and the parrot. I do have several earrings that would definitely work.

You see in the last three weeks I have managed to lose one earring on two different occasions. Both times I have been out and about and either reached up or seen myself in a mirror and realized I was looking like a pirate.

The question is what am I supposed to do with these random earrings? All I can think of is become a pirate or find Jack Sparrow and see I can sell him some sterling silver hoops!


Anonymous said...

How about using them in your extra hole? Hee hee hee :)


mjm said...

You are sooooo funny! I think that 2 inch hoop with look a little silly in that "extra hole".

I did find the other smaller hoop today at work. It was behind my desk and if I hadn't moved desks today who knows when I would have found it!