Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dealing with Disappointment

I thought the search was over as of last night. I thought I had found it, my future home. The neighborhood was nice. The location was great. The condition of the house didn't even compare to many of the "interesting" places I have seen in the last two months. The price...well, it was good. It would give me room to do a few things after the purchase...including buying all new appliances, which it needs. I mean my realtor and I were talking numbers. It was as almost too good to be true. Almost...because by the time I arrived back at my apartment the status in the listing had gone from "active" to "pending". Apparently that is real estate talk for "we got a good offer so you don't even need to be looking here any more."

I thought about crying. I thought about wallowing. I thought about giving up. Instead I have decided to move on, to press on, and to continue my search. I have decided that this deal will either fall through or there is something even better out there waiting for me to buy.
(Imagine a great and encouraging verse of Scripture here...however, I am too tired to think any more.)

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