Thursday, December 20, 2007

You've Got To Be Kidding!

My bags are just about packed, which I consider a great accomplishment. (Yes, I made sure my socks made it in!) My flight doesn't leave until tomorrow night, but I am working the majority of the day so I need to be ready when I leave for work. I mailed my Christmas presents about 2 weeks ago, so they are there and ready for me tie all my bows. (I didn't want them to get crushed during shipping.)

I have even checked in for my flight. I think online check-in is one of the greatest inventions. I have a Southwest flight and with their new boarding system, it is important to check in as early as possible so you can get a good seat. Well, this is important if you are picky about where you sit, which I am to a degree. I prefer to sit in the exit row because of the extra leg room. My flight is tomorrow at 6:40 so tonight at 6:40 I logged in to check-in. By the time I got all my information in the computer and hit enter it was 6:41. My boarding pass has A 46 on it. That means that I am in the first group which is good. However in that one minute 45 people managed to check-in before me. I couldn't believe it!

I also think I have started to come down with a least I am hoping that is all it is. Last night I realized I had a sore throat and it has continued throughout the day. Today at lunch I went and stocked up on medicine. One of the things I picked up was Zicam. I have never used it, but I know people who are believers in it. I'll let y'all know what I think. I think I am going to call it a night since I just took some medicine that "may cause drowsiness" which means I will be out in about 30 minutes!


Anonymous said...

We're so glad you're headed our way! As a seasoned Southwest flyer, didn't you know you put in your info a minute before so you can hit the button right at the time and be first? =) Stuart takes great pride in trying to be #1 at check-in.

See you soon!

Jane said...

M- Yes, I know about that little trick and thought I was all ready to go. The biggest problem was the fact that I came in from work and took a nap. I was all thrown off after that. Stu will just have to be disappointed in his little sister since I am far from #1!

See you in the morning!