Friday, December 7, 2007

Conference Update

Besides the fact that it is cold, I haven't set this much or for this long in quite some time. Other than that, it is going very well. A lot of the things that we have discussed I already knew regarding ultrasound. However, there were some new things or things that have changed recently. I even made myself sit down last night and review everything that I had learned that day. I will probably do the same tonight because at some point I have to take a test. Then on Saturday I will get up and get to actually practice everything that I have learned in these two days. I am just praying for the poor lady that I will perform my very first sonogram on.


MLM said...

how'd your practice sono go?

Jane said...

mlm- They went well. I got to do three that afternoon- one first trimester and two second trimester. I actually got to keep a picture of one of the second trimester scans. I should see if I can post it. I still have to go through an extensive training here at the center. I am suppose to do 70 assisted scans before I can scan on my own. I am going to start next Thursday. It will take a couple of months to get them all done.