Monday, December 10, 2007

Back in Town

I made it back yesterday from Virginia Beach. I literally hit the ground running so that I could make it to the Christmas presentation at church last night. The rest of the conference/training went really well. I performed my first three sonograms on Saturday afternoon. I only have 67 more supervised scans before I am considered fully trained.

I would love to write some more tonight, but I really must wrap my Christmas presents so that I can get the box in the mail this week. It's hard to believe that I will be headed to Texas for Christmas in only 11 days! That means I better get the box in the mail soon. Besides Mary Poppins is on TV and that seems like good gift wrapping entertainment.


Anonymous said...

We watched Mary Poppins too!! It's one of Jacob's favorites. Hope the 11 days go fast-we can't wait to see you!

Jane said...

I remember you saying that he had gone through a Mary Poppins phase and wondered if y'all would tune in. I'm also hoping those 11 days goes fast- I'm ready to see everyone too! Especially the little red-headed man!

MLM said...

OOOPS! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while...I kept checking your blog and seeing the Charlie Brown video and thought you hadn't posted anything new! Sorry! Glad you're back and glad to see you soon!

Jane said...

mlm- I thought the same thing the other day, but didn't stop long enough to remove it. Your comment prompted me to do just that. Sorry for the confusion.