Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Missed It!

Last night I headed out of my apartment to go to a Christmas party for work when I saw the most incredible sunset that I have seen in a while. I did what any blogger would do and ran back inside to grab my camera. It must have taken me 45 seconds to do that- not long at all. However, in that few seconds it took the sunset had virtually disappeared. I wondered if I should have just stayed an enjoyed it instead of rushing in to get the camera. I also began to think about how much I miss because I have my own agenda and I fail to take the time to just "be still and know..."


Ryan said...

Amazing! What camera did you use?

Meems said...

i know what you mean with the sunset-- it changes in seconds. i also know what you mean about knowing when to stay and knowing when to rush... selah.

even with all that waxing wise stuff... I really like the photo you did capture. the silhouettes of the trees are "amazing"!

Jane said...

I don't have the best camera- just a simple Cannon Power Shot A540.

Meems- Your comment made me laugh more than once. Not sure about the "waxing wise stuff", but whatever you say! I was fairly pleased with the photo I did get.