Friday, November 2, 2007

Reporting from LandLife

I know that I said I would blog from Nashville, but that has proven to be more difficult than I thought. My lack of blogging has not been due to the fact that I am not having a great time. We are having a blast, but this has been different than any other time that Abbey and I have hung. That could be because we always have a baby in tow. Let me give you a brief synopsis of the trip thus far:

Still no luck on figuring out how to rotate pictures. I promise they look right everywhere else.

Thursday- Flew to Nashville, went shopping, dinner with Jeff, Abbey, Reed, and their friends the Spicklers

Friday- Reed got a haircut, lunch out, Reed's first modeling photo shoot (he will be on the cover of one of LifeWay's magazines this summer), attended my first stamping party

Reed was way more interested in the dinosaur than the haircut

Saturday- I made breakfast, trip to Wal-Mart to buy baby food and materials to make our costumes for a party, assembled costumes, made monster toes for party, attended said party

Look at my two teeth!

We went to the party as salt and pepper

WOW!!! That makes me tired just typing all that out. Now, Abbey is preparing to teach Sunday School. I guess I am not being very much help since I am sitting on the couch. I guess I will go help now.


Meems said...

i've been waiting for some photos of that cutie-wootie reed. he is adorable and seems so good-natured... AND he's a star already!

sounds like you are having loads of fun and good times. enjoy the weather, enjoy your friends and keep having all the fun and fellowship you can.

MLM said...

Wow! Salt & Peppa the rap group? Or the table seasonings? LOL!

Wow! Reed did awesome getting his hair cut. I need for him to give ebear some lessons!

Wow! (just wanted to say it again). I'm glad you're having fun and getting to be with friends you've missed. Special times for sure!

Jane said...

meems- he is a very good boy and lots of fun.

mlm- the table seasonings...the shake that went with the costumes didn't come out in the pictures. reed did awesome with the haircut. abbey too him to a special place that specializes in kids haircuts and lady was really good with him. i am sure reed would be more than happy to give ebear lessons.