Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Imagine my surprise, when going through security at the Nashville airport, to get in trouble for not having liquids in a plastic bag. I looked at the lady quite surprised, and tried to figure out what was in my backpack. Other than the verbal disapproval of the security agent, I was able to get to my gate with little drama.

Once I got back to my apartment, I began to unpack, and that is when I found them. Two stowaways.

The syrup bottle (yes, that is really what it is...when I uploaded the picture I realized that it wasn't quite as obvious as I thought it would be) explains the trouble I got in with the security agent. Now, it may seem odd that I had a bottle of syrup from Cracker Barrel in my bag, but I promise their is an explanation. Abbey and I ate there on Sunday night because we were both in the mood for pancakes. They brought each of us two bottles, but neither of us even used the whole first bottle. Abbey made a comment about the fact that they sold those small bottles in the country store and that they cost $2.00. Then we got laughing about the time that we ate at a Cracker Barrel in college and Abbey put some of their strawberry jelly in her purse. I kept having our waiter bring more and more to the table. Of course now, neither one of can remember why. So, in honor of memories I threw the unopened syrup bottle in my purse. It was funnier that night, trust me.

As for the pacifier...I can only admit that part of my responsibility during my time in Nashville was to make sure we had a pacifier at all times. Apparently one made it to the recesses of my purse. It is a good thing I will be back in Nashville next week. Since Jeff, Abbey, Reed, and I are planning to meet up for dinner, so I will give it back then. As you can see, a pacifier is very important in Reed's world.

Tomorrow is back to the normal routine, which means no more lounging all morning, but rather back to work.

(On a side note, I just realized that I left my camera cord in Nashville. Jeff and Abbey, if you find a white camera cord, can you hold on to it and give it to me next week? Thankfully, my printer also allows me to upload photos.)


Meems said...

I just love those little bottles of syrup. Not for the syrup but the little bottles are so cute. I bring the extras home too ... my grandkids get a kick out of the individual servings when they eat my pancakes.

Those paci's are "gold" when it comes to those little guys ... I'm sure they have plenty extra.

Welcome home... glad you're back.

MLM said...

Funny story! I bet Reed is more upset than Homeland Security to read that you had one of his pacis in your bag!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

I haven't seen the cord, but you know that doesn't mean it isn't there! I'll keep a look out for it and bring it when we meet up with you. I love the syrup ended up in your bag! I wis I could have been there.

Jane said...

Meems- Yes, they are cute, but apparently the Nashville airport security didn't find them cute.

mlm- They have quite a supply, so I think they will manage until I can get it back to them.

Abbey- Since I know how preoccupied your son is with cords, don't forget to ask him. He might have crawled away with it. The security agent must have thought I was a complete idiot.