Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Almost Disaster

Considering this was my first day back from vacation, it went pretty well. I ran two errands on my way home. (I finally found a new pair of black dress shoes!) Once I arrived I decided to make dinner. I have felt very domestic this week, which means that I have been in the mood to cook. Since we had a cool front come in, I decided to make potato soup.

I put on a pot of water to boil while I began peeling potatoes. Within a few minutes I began to smell something burning. I didn't think to much about it since I cooked last night and assumed that I must have spilled something on the burner. I turned around a minute or so later and saw that there was also some smoke coming from underneath the pot. No problem, that can happen. I continue to peel potatoes when I realize that the burning smell has actually gotten worse and turn to find that the kitchen is beginning to fill with smoke. At this point I turn off the burner and remove the pot to find flames. Yep, flames! I do the only thing that I can think of and begin to blow. Thankfully it worked and I put the fire out.

I am not sure what I am more upset about, making a huge mess or the fact that my smoke detector didn't go off. I think the batteries need to be checked.

Anyway, the soup was very yummy. The mess was not fun to clean up.

On a completely different note, I apologize for some of the picture not downloading. I have started using a new program to upload pictures. Not thinking, I deleted some that I considered old or odd that had downloaded...those are the pictures that disappeared. Unfortunately one of those was my header, but that just means I get to create a new one.


Meems said...

i have to admit is was kind of weird to open your blog and see the old photo at the top and the yellow color... i kind of questioned myself about what i might have missed. now i know the back story.

pototo soup is one of my favs ... would love to compare recipes sometime. I cooked a yummy chicken pot pie tonight with sauteed green beans and carrots. the cooler weather inspires me to several different projects.

re the smoke detector: the fire dept suggests you change your batteries when we turn the clocks. good news, you are only 4 days late... good time to do it now.

Jane said...

Maybe this weekend I will get a new banner created. I would be more than happy to share my recipe. I've never made chicken pot pie...Maybe that is something that I should try. I checked the batteries and they do work. Never heard the changing them when the clocks turn, but that might not be a bad idea. I may have to get maintenance to do that b/c I barely could reach the one in the hallway on the stool. I also realized that we don't have a fire extinguisher. This may turn out to be fire safety month around here.