Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Camera- check
Extra batteries- check
Camera cord- check
Cell Phone- charging
iPod and charger- check, check
Suitcase- not quite finished packing this
Boarding pass- check

Well, it is definitely coming, but I am not quite packed. That's right, I am heading out once again. This time I am going on vacation. Nashville, here I come! I am going to visit my college friends, Jeff and Abbey and their newest family addition, Reed. I meet Jeff and Abbey when they were freshmen at Mississippi College. Jeff and I graduated together and then repeated that process from Southwestern. I was also in their wedding. We have lots of great memories and stories. I am looking forward to adding some new ones.

I am taking my laptop so I will be trying to blog from there. It sounds like we are going to have quite the adventure!

1 comment:

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

An adventure it will be for sure!