Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am very fortunate to have an involved father when I was growing up. And while you would have never caught either of us with pom poms and cheering, you could have found my dad in the driveway late at night, holding up a broom in the air, as I practiced shooting over him and the broom. Now that could also make a great commerical!

Speaking of my dad, he and my mom have finally made it out of Tennessee. It took them quite some time to get from Jackson, TN to Memphis, TN. They went 4 mph for several hours. My mom said people were actually getting out of their cars and building snowmen on the side of the interstate. When I spoke with them earlier they were planning on spending the night in Texarkana, TX.

Oh, and we got absolutely nothing. There was some ice, but the sun was shining bright today so it didn't take long for that to melt.

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