Saturday, February 28, 2009

And They're Gone

My parents left less than 24 hours after they arrived. Their quick trip was made even quicker for two reasons. First, right as they were driving through Little Rock they received a phone call from the nursing home where my grandfather lives. They were transporting him to the hospital to be treated for an infection that was not responding to oral antibiotics. (My grandfather is doing well. He is getting some IV antibiotics. Stuart went yesterday to check on him and then today he, my grandmother, and Jacob went back to be with him for a little while.)

Then there is the second reason:

Unfortunately they didn't make it very far. When I talked to them a few hours ago, they were already called it a day. My dad tried, but when there were no other cars on the interstate he turned back around towards the closest town. They are in Jackson, TN.

I am trying to stay warm, waiting for the snow, and picking up my apartment. The last few boxes are finally being unloaded! So, how are you?

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