Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Do You Say?

I could post about a bunch of random things tonight. Like how I learned that the steam of cilantro has a bitter flavor today. Or how I find it ironic to see cars here in FL with Canadian license plates...I wonder how long it took them to drive here? Or how my grandmother once again told me how Nancy Grace had twins at 49. (I think that is supposed to bring me comfort as I approach my 30th birthday.)

But that is not what is on my heart. Today many woke with a heavy heart. Others were excited about the days and years to come. For those that know me at all, know I am in the first group. It's hard to know what to even say. It was discussed at my office. I've read numerous blogs today as well. I don't even begin to think I am as eloquent or knowledgeable as some of the ones that I read, but I must share a tad.

I am grateful to live in a country were I have the right to vote, where leaders are chosen by the people. I am thankful that people are elected despite their race, ethnicity, gender, or any other type of demographic data. I am blessed and I am very aware of that fact.

I am saddened though. I've never seen these last few months based on race, gender, or even a certain political party, though I definitely identify with one more than the other. It always boiled down to issues. Issues of morality, issues of life.


Four letters that no one can quite agree on. I think my friend summed it up best today during a phone call we had. "I can only think of all the babies." I know, Abbey. Trust me, I know.

Of course there are other issues, but this is the one that is heaviest on my heart tonight. The one that makes me all teary-eyed. The one that some of us have to weep over. You see a couple of weeks ago, a woman was sent to one of our offices by the abortion clinic next door. It had been two weeks since her abortion and she needed to talk with someone. Not knowing what to do with her, they sent her to us. We will help her. We will share with her. We will stand with her. Her answers are not far off, just up. We will point her in the right direction. He will do what He always does- love, forgive, love, forgive...offer salvation and abundant life. We will help her learn to walk in the Light.

So, what do we do now?

What is done is done. We prayed. We voted.

What do we do now?

We keep praying. We keep seeking. We keep fighting. We keep standing. We keep on. We press on.

At least that is what I am going to do.


Snow said...

Thanks for sharing. I understand what you mean. I, too, am thankful to be living in a free country; but I, too, am heavy-hearted because of all the possible ramifications the election results will bring. But yes, we can still look up, to the Sovereign One who knows everything and who holds the future. And we can pray. Keep doing what you do in your wonderful ministry, keep running the race.

dreamlady said...

really quite eloquent post! LIFE! it's beginning, it's meaning, it's relevance, it's proper ending - all questionable in today's liberal society. it seems like people's answers to the questions of life are more determined by current mores than by the author of LIFE!

so it is more a matter of individual choice and decision, than by policy makers and laws and judges, or even presidents. political parties do not enforce or determine a person's personal actions (unless the law applies in the case of what is criminal). a woman who chooses abortion either has no knowledge of the consequences or has bought into the convenience to just 'get rid of the problem'. it is currently an acceptable alternative as we all know. so a liberal president only appeals all the more to that broader segment of society.

you have been divinely placed on the forefront of the real battlefield in this war for LIFE! you can be an instrument in God's hands to make a difference in this holy fight for the right to live of the unborn! Your ministry is every bit as vital as any senator, representative, or president in our government. maybe more so!

so yes, "We keep praying. We keep seeking. We keep fighting. We keep standing. We keep on. We press on."

keep reaching the undecided, keep teaching the youth, keep helping the broken hearted, and just 'keep on, press on'. you are making a significant difference for LIFE itself!

p.s. - FYI - i just read today that the actress Holly Hunter had twins at the age of 48!

mjm said...

Thanks for the encouragment!