Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

There are pictures from the Gala. However, I did not take them. Which means we will all have to wait to see them. As soon as the photographer sends them, I will post some. (Of course that means I will only post the ones that I think are good!)

Everything went really well at the Gala. A few small issues, but nothing that couldn't be handled. Everyone also seemed to have a wonderful time.

I have spent most of the weekend catching up on sleep and general housework. And because I believe in a little transparency, here are some before pictures that I took on Friday:

I pretty much feel into bed about 2 am on Friday morning.

I pulled out the vacuum earlier in the week...I never got it put back up though.

Notice my dress and shoes from the Gala...along with other assorted things strung about the ironing board.

And some after pictures:

Not only is the bed made, but the sheets are clean.

So many books still to read.

I even dusted my dresser

It is a rare sight to not have the ironing board out. You can also see my dress outside my room which needs to go to the dry cleaners. The bags all need to be dropped at the hospice thrift store.

Ahhh...a clean bathroom too!

Other than that, I had a pretty quiet weekend. I'll also confess that I am looking forward to a short week!

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dreamlady said...

thanks for inviting us over! nothing like a clean bedroom (linens, floor, bathroom) to relax us and invite us to rest up! after your hectic last few weeks, i know it must feel good to finally have some down time. hope your week is not only short, but an easier one than of late! happy thanksgiving!