Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day

4:30 am- Alarm goes off, contemplate not getting up
4:35 am- Pull body from bed and begin to get ready
4:55 am- Out the door for a run
5:35 am- Back from my run and hit the shower
6:15 am- Breakfast
6:30 am- Begin the book of Acts (just finished John)
7:00 am- Make lunch
7:30 am- Realize the skirt I thought I washed last night is still in the hamper
7:55 am- Out the door yet again this time for work
8:15 am- Arrive at work
12:45 pm- Lunch break out of the office
1:40 pm- Back at work
5:55 pm- Leave work

Tomorrow- Do it all again


Kayce said...

WOW, really 4:30 AM!!! WOW I am impressed!!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

i like how you leave for your run AFTER you get back. that's what friends are for - to point out your mistakes and laugh hilariously about it. ha ha!

mjm said...

Kaycee- It's the only way I have figured out how to get everything in. BUT don't be too impressed, my need for sleep kicked in today and I slept in until 5:15. I'll hit the gym on my way home now.

Abbey- You have to love friends who so lovingly point out your mistakes! :) I am assuming that a certain person kept you up last night and you had a chance to do some light night blogging?!?! How much longer until his trip to sleep clinic?