Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ready Or Not

It's Thursday, November 20th. It has arrived much sooner than I thought it would. It seems like it was a couple of months away just yesterday. But, it is here. So whether or not we are ready, in 10 hours over 500 people will gather for the Annual Light of Life Gala. The name tags are printed, the programs are complete, the table host packets are assembled, and slide shows are burned on discs.

In a couple of hours I will meet the rest of the staff where I work, and we will set up the ministry displays, cut all those name tags, make last minute trips back to the office, and make sure all the center pieces are perfect. Then we will all dash to our respective homes and exchange our jeans for dresses/suits and return looking our absolute best.

The "nightmares" of forgotten name tags, whole tables of guests showing up that I wasn't expecting, and most recently the keynote speaker's husband singing the Bunny Song (from Veggie Tales) during her speech will be gone.

Ready or not, it's here.


dreamlady said...

it should be a most interesting evening! Christmas will be a breeze to master after this! master, get it ;-) okay, so i usually write late night comments when my brain is on all functions, but i knew you wouldn't write another post later. anyway, tomorrow you get to sleep in! yeah!

Kayce said...

HAVE FUN tonight and take some pictures! I want to see you in that fabulous dress!!!

mjm said...

Dreamlady- I might post again...It depends what time I get in and if I caught a second wind. Ahhh...sleep...looking forward to that in the morning!

Kayce- My camera is I just have to remember to take pictures. :)

michellem said...

I've missed the Bunny Song! Wouldn't it have made for an interesing evening?

Snow said...

I am looking forward to your "report" of the Gala. :) Post plenty of pictures too!