Thursday, November 13, 2008


Someday I will think (and breathe) before I speak.
Someday I will not let the pressures of life become the main focus.
Someday I will learn to take things in stride.
Someday I will be slow to speak and quick to listen.
Someday the intentions of my heart will be evident to all.
Someday the time I spend reading God's word, praying, and worshiping will carry over to the rest of my day.
Someday I will actually be able to put into practice out all the things God is teaching me.
Someday I will have the rights words.
Someday I will learn to take criticism.
Someday I will not take things personally.
Someday I will not allow the way I am treated affect the way I treat others.
Someday I will not hold a grudge or keep a record of wrongs.
Someday I will not have to keep learning the same things over and over again.
Someday I will have the courage to say the things I should.
Someday I will have the wisdom not to say the things I should.
Someday I hope people will understand me.

Oh, I pray SOMEDAY is TODAY!


dreamlady said...

very poetic! and from the heart too, i could feel it! speaking as a person of several decades, my thoughts are similar. even after years of longing to attain to these lofty ideals, i am still on my journey to this hope of perfection. i expect about the time i 'get it right', i will be moving on to the next life where the struggle will be over ;-)

that is why i know i am still in the school of learning, 'cause i am so far from the mark. but "i press on toward the goal to win the (supreme and heavenly) prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward". it is a good fight of faith ... to conquer ourselves, and let His light shine through us, so the world can see Him.

mjm said...

dreamlady- You are so right. We just have to keep at it.