Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Things I Witnessed Today

1. A woman who made quite a scene over $1 at Michael's. Even after they said they would correct she continued to make everyone else quite uncomfortable as she explained she taught math and she wanted to know how many other people had a mistake on their ticket.

2. A car driving down Dale Mabry without any headlights...oh, and it was 7:15 pm.


Well, that's about it. Anything else that I witnessed occurred within the walls of my office. Thursday night is our Gala so hopefully I will be more interesting and exciting after that.


Snow said...

What's #3? :) Seriously...

Have a great Gala! Wish I could be there.

dreamlady said...

i know how it is to go blank, so #3 couldn't have been that impressive. and speaking of being impressive, you had better be "interesting and exciting" in that black dress and those red shoes and jewelry on Thursday night!! after that, you can go back to normal - you know - just ordinary, like the rest of us. don't forget to give us a pic!

mjm said...

Snow- #3 never came that how "interesting" my day was. We wish you could join us too! You didn't want to catch a flight out here for the evening?

Dreamlady- I promise I won't forget about the picture. I had my own little "dress rehearsal" last night. My goal is just to make it to point that I can get dressed for the Gala!