Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm Back

In case you were worried, I am back. I arrived safely yesterday morning, but have been extremely busy ever since. I crashed yesterday once I got home. Finally, pulled my weary bones from the couch after a 3 hour nap. A quick shower and I was off to LifeWay. Then back home and back to bed. Today was work.

However, it was a great trip. The white water rafting was fun and I enjoyed getting to know some of the college students. I also managed to get a little sun. The trip was relatively uneventful if you don't take into account the 911 call and following search and rescue that the volunteer Polk County fire department had to perform. There were 171 people on this trip and on Saturday afternoon about a 100 of them hiked the mountain behind the camp were we stayed. A 700 pound boulder fell on a girls foot and caused several lacerations and compound fracture to her ankle. She had surgery and was discharged less than 24 hours later. She even made the trip back with us.

Benton, TN is a beautiful area and so was Camp Agape.

I am sorry I didn't get any more pictures. I figured it wasn't the brightest idea to take my camera on the river. I will share the fact that I did manage to stay in the raft the whole time. Many people got thrown our during the trip, but not our raft. The six of us managed to hang on.


mlm said...

I'm glad you're back safe and sound. Too bad for the boulder girl. OUCH! I like the pic you managed to take. Smart idea about not trying to raft with it...kudos on staying in the raft. Doubt I'd have been so lucky!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Um, how weird is this? Jeff and I both have stayed at Campe Agape in 1996, at separate times. When we were there, not so beautiful. Glad it's gotten better since our visit. I'm jealous; I love to WWR.

Jane said...

Abbey- I think you are getting to go on a pretty amazing trip this weekend and boy are you going to come home with some souvenir. I wish I could be there when you get off the plane with Reed. I will have to try and schedule a visit soon.

mlm- I almost fell out, but it wouldn't have been my fault. The guy behind me fell into me and just about sent me over the side.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

I'm just now seeing the blog and I looked at Abbey and said, "Jane just said "Camp Agape" was beautiful!" Not exactly the way I remembered it!